Gunpla 150mm New drywall cutting tool Pad Keyhole Wallboard Plywood Jab Hand Saws with Soft Ergonomic Handle for Cutting Wood Plasterboard Pruning Trimming

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Bullet Piont:

·PREMIUM QUALITY: Gunpla New drywall cutting tool 's blade is made of high quality 65 manganese steel, designed to be very resistant, strong and heavy duty to withstand the stresses of demanding use.

·ULTRA COMFORTABLE: Our pad plywood hand saw comfortable thanks to its ergonomic handle, lightweight, impact resistant and is designed for all-day continuous requiring minimum effort.

·HIGH PERFORMANCE: This wallboard saw has a perfectly sharpened tip, it also helps in performing fast, clean and effortless cutting with precision cross-ground teeth cut in pull and push directions.

·VERSATILITY: The jab saw is fashioned to cut holes in drywall as main purpose, while can provide quality results for drywall, wood, and plastic work. It can be used for 95 percent of jab saw works. Its teeth are coarse enough to produce a neat cut on most thicknesses of plywood.

·Gunpla plywood jab saw is perfect for both professional and amateur users in home and other project works. It is ideal for carpenters, farmers, plumbers, and other woodworkers.

Product description:

Gunpla drywall jab saw is a versatile comfortable hand tool that can easily be converted to other uses because due to its wonderful useful multi-purpose ability. Our ergonomic hand tool is indispensable for drywall cutting and provides utmost quality results whether used by professionals or amateurs.


·Blades created from high quality 65 manganese steel.

·Ergonomic and ultra comfortable handle grip for easy use and requiring minimum effort.

·150mm blade with sharpened tip, and coarse teeth, it is very tough and sturdily made.

·Made for small cuts mainly with a sharpened tip that easily penetrates any type of drywall.

·The saw cuts through materials like wood, plastic pipe, plywood, wallboard, drywall and more.

·Our New drywall cutting tool will not bend and has deep spaces between teeth that will not keep any material after cutting.

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